Best Organic Mulch For Your Landscaping or Garden

ORGanic Mulch

When thinking of replenishing your garden with nutrients the first thought that comes to our mind is mulch, organic mulches can provide a real boost to your garden. Supplying

your plants with all the required nutrients through sustainable natural methods. When you use other synthetic mulches which consist of a lot of chemicals. It is highly toxic for nature. They consist of many complex chemicals, which don’t decompose for years, having serious impacts on nature.

 “As the season progresses, mulch stabilizes the soil temperature and moisture, and prevents the growing of weeds from seeds.” 1

natural mulch

Go Organic and See Your Garden Blushing! These are the words you have to abide by when thinking about mulches. Your gardens will love organic mulches, as they decompose easily and provide a better and more sustainable nutrition value to your garden on every parameter.

The most important factor for considering natural and organic mulches is that those synthetic chemical mulches do huge damage to plant roots and soil profile. Which is an irreparable loss and will affect the health of both your garden and your plants! Some of the studies even show that some of these chemical mulches make the soil dryer, whereas the organic mulches keep the soil well-hydrated. 

Types of Natural Mulch Available

If you have decided that you want to choose organic mulches for your garden; thank you, you’re making the right choice towards sustainable development goals and a healthy and happy garden. Now, You might be filled with a variety of questions like, “What is the best Natural Mulch for my garden?” or “Where do I find natural mulch near me?” Just leave that headache on us, we will be discussing more on these topics in further sections. So, let’s dive in!

There is a variety of natural mulches available that can provide your garden with all of the nutrients for their proper growth making them really happy! Natural mulches provide a wide range of benefits to your plants, some of which are, they help suppress weeds, stop evaporation, maintains optimum pH and temperature for plant roots and maintains the optimum moisture in soil. All of the types of natural mulch have different features and functions, so select one according to your needs.

Black Mulch

This type of mulch is the most used natural mulch for gardens due to being readily available and looks good among your plants, improving the overall look of your garden. The best thing is, they come in various natural colours depending on the sources they are obtained and can be decomposed easily. Bark Mulch can keep on providing nutrition to your garden consistently over a period of at least one year which makes them highly desirable. 

Mocha Mulch

One of our popular colours to choose from is called mocha mulch. Depending on the specific needs of your garden or plants, This is a great addition to your project. The mocha brown mulch is made from shredded pine chips. It is coloured perfectly to enhance your plants make your flower bed good amazing.   

Rustic Red

We also offer our loyal customers as well as any new engagements our rustic red mulch. This colour is far from boring. If your looking to spruce up your plants with the same benefits as our other variety’s of natrual muclh but with a reddish look. This is a great colour choice for you.  


Compost is the most popular form of natural mulch which is being used broadly nowadays, the only thing you should ensure before using compost in your garden is that it should be free of weed seeds and must have been decomposed properly. A well-formed compost is one of the best natural mulch, just the process is a bit complex and requires thorough inspection and supervision. We offer a great compost solution for your project. Ask our experts for more information if you have any further questions. 


You can easily get straw at a feed and livestock stores and many nurseries, the best thing about them is you can use your creativity with them to give an exotic look to your garden and the bonus being this category of natural mulch is really cheap and highly effective. It lasts through the season and keeps the weeds in control; but you have to be highly cautious before buying them as some of the straws can have weed seeds, which can back-fire at you, that’s why this type of natural mulch is not much in use nowadays. 

Leaf Mold

If you are a great fan of DIY hacks then this one’s for you. To apply this method, you need to collect the leaves falling from your tree and let them decompose in adequate conditions for 1 week, this would provide high nutrition value and is a quick easy-to-do trick which can give you some extraordinary results.

Pine Needles

If you have a pine evergreen in your garden then this may be good news for you! You don’t have to fight with them, just collect the pine needles and spread them around a plant which you want to give protection of a well-formed mulch. The needles naturally knit themselves in a way to prevent weeds from growing.

What is the Best Natural Mulch?

Black Mulch more commonly known as Bark Mulch would be the most appropriate mulch for your gardens because of many of its features which include, creates a scenic view in the garden, provides nutrition for a full year, keeps the best control on weeds. Let’s have a detailed look at each of them

  • Adds Beauty to Your Garden- Black mulch is known for giving your garden a visually appealing look. It can add curb appeal to your property when used efficiently and carefully. They are the best natural mulch because they improve the overall landscape of your garden making it look even better and also functioning as natural mulch lasting for a whole year at least.
  • Provides Nutrition to Garden Throughout the Year- Bark mulch is the smartest choice you can make while choosing a mulch as it also functions as a natural fertilizer, providing nutrients regularly to the garden by slowly decomposing over time. The best benefits of using them is they decompose easily, and will not damage the nature surrounding your plants. It causes no harm to anyone either.  Nature mulch just provides great value to your garden by controlling weeds, maintaining moisture levels and maintaining roots’ temperature and pH.
  • Maintains Moisture in the Soil- The best factor that helps black mulch gain an edge over the artificial and inorganic mulch, is that natural mulches keep the soil fairly hydrated and prevent any damage to the roots. Artificial mulches tend to make your soil dry. The biggest problem with those artificial mulches is that due to soil dryness, it can cause harm to roots of the plants which is irreparable.

All of these features make black mulch the best choice among all of the available natural mulches. So, the next time you have to protect your garden from weeds, you should definitely try this type of mulches to get the best results with numerous associated benefits.

How Long Does Natural Mulch Last?

According to experts a proper 2-3-inch-thick layer of natural mulch would last for at least 1-2 years. As the natural mulches decompose over the period of time, generally, they take 1-2 years to get fully utilized. But it varies broadly on the type of natural mulch you are using; different mulches have different lifetimes. Getting into the details:

  • Bark Mulch: This is the most suitable natural mulch for using in your garden as it decomposes slowly over a long period of 1-2 years providing nutrients to the soil.
  • Straw and Composts: Straws tend to last over six months as they are highly fibrous in structure and decompose readily providing nitrogenous components to the soil essential for plant growth.
  • Leaves Mold: This type of mulches also lasts for over six months and provide some good nutrient value to the soil
  • Pine Needles: Pine Needles last for over a year but are not much recommended due to being low in nutrient content in the soil.

Therefore, if you want your mulches to last longer, then do consider the bark mulch as they are highly durable and provide good nutrition values to the soil.



Where to Get Natural Mulch?

You can get different types of natural mulches in different ways. Some can be prepared at home as a DIY technique. For bulk orders or a professional installation, contact your local landscaping contractor Live Landscape Design Build. We advise you to use durable mulches so that you don’t have the tiring task of refilling them every now and then. Therefore, the black mulch or the bark mulch should be your top priority when selecting a mulch for your garden. Live Landscape Design Build provides the best quality bark mulch produced. Using the bark of selected trees which can provide high nutrition values and can last longer. There are different methods for acquiring different types of mulch which can be summarized as:

  • Composts can be prepared at your homes as DIY techniques and can also be ordered from us. Whatever suits you the best, but it is highly recommended to get compost from an expert landscaper so that the compost is free of weed seeds. Our Compost is mixed with topsoil adding more nutrients to your garden. 
  • Leaves Mold and Pine Needles mulch can be easily prepared at home using the method mentioned while introducing them in the previous section.
  • Straws need the most attention while applying as there are high chances they may have weed seeds that can backfire at you increasing the problem further.

I hope that gives you a good idea of different ways to acquire natural mulch, we will be further discussing how to acquire them in good-quality and in bulk in the further sections.

What Natural Mulch Is The Best?

After making a good discussion over all the type of natural mulches available in the market and the pros and cons of nearly all of them, the final question that arises is, “So, which one would be the best?” Without wasting any time let’s dive straight into the topic. 

Undoubtedly bark mulches or the black mulches are the most suitable natural mulch for most of the gardens due to providing a lot of benefits over the other mulches like being more durable, providing more nutritional value, holding more moisture and many more. Therefore, bark mulch should be your choice when considering any natural mulch for your garden.

Among bark mulch too, the Cedar Mulch is the best mulch that can be used to get a wide range of benefits like earthworm propagation, prevents pests’ attacks, prevents evaporation on a greater scale and is highly decorative in nature. So, the final question that arises is where to obtain quality mulch in bulk? So, let’s discover that in the following section.

Stop living with it and start living in it.

How to Buy Mulch in Bulk?

Natural Mulch finds it’s uses in the most premium of the landscaping applications including the following

  • It is used to improve the quality of soil in a very short span of time. The earthworms find optimum conditions to propagate in them, hence the soil will contain more earthworms which would in-turn increase the fertility of the soil.
  • It is used to cover large under-maintained patches of lands at the minimum cost making them look premium designed and beautiful.
  • In landscaping applications for areas in close proximity to pathways and doors.
  • To create a natural cohesive look in a natural flowerbed or yard providing multiple benefits and giving it a premium look



It becomes highly important to procure your bark mulch from a trustworthy and an experienced contractor who knows all the insights of the business and knows the art of identifying the best quality mulch. Live Landscape Design Build is only a phone call away. Call Us Today





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Go Organic and See Your Garden Blushing!”


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